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M.S. in Nursing Education

Master of Science in Nursing Education StudentThe Master of Science in Nursing Education qualifies graduates to teach in nursing programs at the LPN, associate, bachelor’s and master’s levels and to serve as staff educators in health care facilities. The program is open to nurses who need specific education courses to qualify for New York State certification as secondary school health education teachers.

The program is offered in a blended learning format, which combines the convenience of online learning with the benefits of live classroom discussion and interaction. Nearly half of each course in the M.S. in Nursing Education program is taught online, with the balance occurring in a traditional classroom setting. This provides you with the opportunity to meet personal and professional obligations, while fulfilling degree requirements.

The core curriculum for the M.S. degree includes coursework in nursing theory, issues in professional nursing for advanced practice nurses and nurse educators, and nursing research. As part of their degree requirements, students are required to complete a research proposal, 12 credits of core courses and 21 credits of specialty courses.

The 33-credit program can be completed in five semesters of part-time study and one summer session. Nurse Educator candidates complete two semesters of preceptored teaching practice.

The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Learning Environment

The faculty promotes a learning environment that encourages individual exploration and fosters critical thinking, decision making, and professional growth. Classes differ in their approach depending on course content. The information is presented in both lecture and seminar format. The faculty participate in the educational process as role models, facilitators and mentors.