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B.S./M.S. in Information Systems

Students in ClassroomA degree in information systems is a valuable credential. It signifies mastery of the fundamentals of the integration of technology, people and strategy – knowledge that is prized by every organization and business. The LIU Post Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Information Systems will enable you to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in this thriving field in just five years, a significant saving of time and money over the traditional approach of pursuing the two degrees separately.

Graduates of this program possess the knowledge and skills to develop and manage sophisticated information systems, as well as managing the people and processes involved in systems development. At the heart of the degree is the integration of technology into the business process, including the technical foundations of information systems and the skills required to manage resources and to lead people. Throughout the program, courses are taught in a way that will enable you to learn to integrate all components of information system technology (hardware and software), people and business strategy into an efficient and effective resource that helps an organization fulfill its unique mission within the economy and society.