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B.A. in Philosophy

Philosophy StudentPhilosophy is an ongoing pursuit of intellectual refinement, challenge and discovery, rooted in our natural human curiosity and our wish to exercise good judgment in all that we believe and do.

The 128-credit B.A. in Philosophy familiarizes students with the basic concepts at work in every area of intellectual inquiry and provides skills in constructing and evaluating arguments – whatever their subject matter may be. As a critical approach to all academic disciplines, philosophy helps us avoid overspecialization while enabling us to see the discoveries of every other field in a coherent perspective. Philosophy asks “big” questions, concerning the nature of reality, whether God exists, how the mind works, or what makes something beautiful. It expands our intellects and enlarges our feelings in exciting and rewarding ways.

Philosophy and Career Choices

program leading to a B.A. in Philosophy provides not only a thorough grounding in the humanities and liberal arts, but also training in the close reasoning and orderly presentation of ideas required by such professions as law, diplomacy, teaching, public administration, economics, business and the health professions. Philosophy promotes skills that make graduates very attractive to potential employers and professional schools, such as reasoning effectively, viewing problems from multiple perspectives, and arguing persuasively in speech and writing. Although many graduates in philosophy go on to study in graduate school, law school, medical school, divinity school or other professional programs after graduation, a good number enter the workforce directly as well. The undergraduate education that philosophy students receive will serve them well in any field.