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Welcome to the Registration Information page of LIU Global's Office of Student Life and Services. It is our hope that the information provided will assist you in key areas of your academic journey.

Continuing students must register for coursework through the MyLIU portal which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

New students are registered for required courses once all required enrollment forms are received; however they must add electives through the MyLIU portal after they meet with their advisors.

Please review the below links so you are familiar with available information and resources.


Spring 2015 Semester

Australia/Bali (Click for Center/Program Info)

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China (Click for Center/Program Info)

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Course Description

Costa Rica (Click for Center/Program Info)

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New York Senior Capstone (Click for Center/Program Info)

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Tutorials for online registration can be found at



Students typically register for 16.00 credits per semester in order to graduate in a timely fashion (128.00 credits total needed).

For permission to take 18.00 or more credits, students must contact the Center/Program Director, Kerry Mitchell, and Carlett Thomas.

Australia/Bali Soenke Biermann
China Difei Hu 
Costa Rica Sarah Moran
CRC Kerry Mitchell
Europe Jeffrey Belnap
Carlett Thomas
New York Kerry Mitchell
Carlett Thomas
Senior Independent Study Lorna Baez

Contact us anytime:

Carlett Thomas, M.S.Ed.
Director of Student Affairs & Administrative Services
718-488-3409 (phone)
718-780-4325 (fax)

Tami Shaloum
Coordinator of Administrative Services
718-780-4312 (phone)
718-780-4325 (fax)