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LIU Global Student Profile Emilie ClarkEmilie Clark – LIU Global - Senior

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Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio

How You Learned About LIU Global:  LIU Global was recommended to me by a friend who heard about the program from her school's dean. She thought it would be a good fit for me considering my love for travel and languages and my desire to learn first hand about other cultures.

Center/Program of Study Currently:  Senior Independent study: Morocco

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year: 

  • Senior Research Seminar
  • Independent research project on Islamic Feminism paired with a human rights and law internship with a local Moroccan organization.
  • Elementary Arabic
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Retelling Islamic Foklore. For this project I will rewrite traditional Islamic tales from more female-centric perspectives with positive morals for young girls. I will use painting or photography to accompany the stories and the final result will be a short story book that I will attempt to publish at the end of the semester.
  • Theater as Women's Empowerment and Theater of the Oppressed in Morocco

Area of Concentration or Interest: My focus is in human rights, specifically women's and children's rights on both a local and international level.

Favorite Center/Program thus far:  So far I have attended the Costa Rica and the India centers. It is hard for me to say which of the two is my favorite for they both have their strong qualities and both hold a special place in my heart. The organization and support that accompanied being in Costa Rica for the foundation year was absolutely imperative to my LIU Global experience. However, I think the India center is where I truly came into my own, discovered my passions, and pursued my potential.  I feel a very strong connection to the country, the people, and the projects that I engaged in while there. There is nothing in this world like India. The frustration that lies in the fact that it cannot be described is a large part of why I love it.

Most Powerful Experience thus far: As an LIU Global student this is perhaps the most frequent and most difficult question we encounter. Each experience comes with so much meaning to unravel, and often it is not until long after the fact that I realize the impact a moment had on me.  I cannot say which experience has been my most meaningful, but one that certainly comes to mind is my work with Theater of the Oppressed in India. Theater of the Oppressed uses theater techniques and structure to act as a platform for social change that is of and for the people.  I found this to be a place where my love for theater, my passion for human rights, and my faith in humanity all come together on stage at last. While in Bangalore I had the amazing opportunity to study under and work with a woman who has started a booming Theater of the Oppressed organization in the city and has irreplaceable experiences and knowledge to share. I also conducted a fantastic workshop with a group of marginalized children from slums and villages around Bangalore. I have never been more inspired or proud of a group of youth. The clarity with which they saw the reality of their situations and the optimism and enthusiasm with which they were determined to work for a better future was incredible. I feel so lucky to have gotten to learn and share with them.

Why You Chose LIU Global:  I applied to many colleges, and visited most of them. I was torn with feeling pressured to take a more traditional route, and wanting to truly explore my passions. When it came down to decision time there was honestly no question in my mind. Somehow I had known I would end up at Global all along. I saw it as a place where I could delve deeply into my interests, expand my knowledge and horizons across cultures, be intellectually stimulated, and have the support and encouragement of a tightly knit community of motivated and inspiring individuals. So far, LIU Global has not let me down on any of these expectations and has even proven to be more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.

LIU Global Student Profile Paloma CriolloPaloma Criollo – LIU Global - Junior

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Hometown:  New Preston, Connecticut

How You Learned About LIU Global:  Through my best friend, who power searched for a school that she thought would fit me.

Center/Program of Study Currently:  China Center

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year:  This year I will be traveling for two months in Taiwan, two months in Thailand, two months in India and two months in Turkey.

Area of Concentration or Interest:  Health, Medicine

Favorite Center/Program thus far:  Costa Rica center, specifically our two week Field trip to Nicaragua where we traveled to Granada and Managua  It was a very hands on field trip where we conducted many interviews and traveled to see many different speakers.  My favorite part of the trip was working with Casa Alianza.

Most Powerful Experience thus far:  Working with street children alongside Casa Alianza in Nicaragua, unforgettable memories, those children all have a place in my heart.

Why You Chose LIU Global:  WHY didn't I choose Global? It's simple, I followed my heart and wanted to take a road less traveled and I feel that traditional college is a highway with constant traffic and detours.  I know that I'm very hands on and learn best when in the field and I LOVE to see the world through different eyes and with LIU Global's four year study abroad program it was a 100% Yes!

LIU Global Student Profile Caitlin KawaguchiCaitlin Kawaguchi – LIU Global - Junior

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Hometown:  San Ramon, California

How You Learned About LIU Global:  I first learned about LIU Global through the college guidebook "Making a Difference Colleges: Distinctive Colleges to Make a Better World". I was looking for a school where I could pursue my interest in International Affairs and be actively engaged in my learning. With its numerous centers around the world and emphasis on experiential learning, LIU Global seemed like the perfect fit. Speaking with a current student about his experience in the program convinced me that this was the right school for me, and today I am so glad I made this choice.

Center/Program of Study Currently:  Semester Abroad at Regents College, London

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year:  This semester I will be taking "Religions, Cultures, and Modernity in Taiwan", "Methods in Research and Experiential Learning I", "Comparison: Theory and Reflection I", and "Religions, Culture, and Modernity in Thailand".

Area of Concentration or Interest:  My current planned areas of concentration are international relations, international development, and human rights

Favorite Center/Program thus far:  I have only been to the Costa Rica center so far, but it was a truly transformative learning experience. Studying and living abroad presented new challenges for me that helped me to grow personally and academically. One of my favorite parts about the Costa Rica center was the supportive staff members and individualized attention students receive, which helped me take advantage of all the opportunities the center had to offer.

Most Powerful Experience thus far:  The most powerful experience I've had so far was volunteering in La Carpio, a marginalized, low-income community of Nicaraguan immigrants near San Jose. I worked with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation on a number of projects in the community throughout my freshman year, but my favorite was assisting with starting a Guides and Scouts troop for 7-11 year olds. Two other LIU Global students and I helped the 8 leaders plan meetings and activities, such as hiking and camping, for 18 kids. We also helped with connecting the group to the wider Guides and Scouts community, so the troop can become an official member of the organization.  This was a part of an independent study on the role of youth in community development, which combined my love for working with youth with my academic interest in community development and peace building.

Why You Chose LIU Global:  I chose LIU Global for a number of reasons- the small class sizes, individualized attention, abroad experience, and approach of experiential learning. I knew I wanted my time in college to prepare me for a career in international affairs, and I felt this preparation needed to include more international experience than just a year of study abroad. I strongly believe in experiential learning for global studies, as being immersed in different cultures and regions creates a much deeper understanding than books alone can provide.

LIU Global Student Profile Rachel MagruderRachel Magruder – LIU Global - Senior

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Hometown:  Dallas, Texas

How You Learned About LIU Global:  After hearing the first time about LIU Global from a friend, I was drawn in immediately by the chance to start my life dream as early as freshman year of university!

Center/Program of Study Currently:  Studying in Turkey (for Senior Independent Study)

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year: The classes I'm most looking forward to are Indian pop culture, global studies, Hindi language intensives, and peace and reconciliation.

Area of Concentration or Interest:  Women's Studies and Human Rights.

Favorite Center/Program thus far:  Having spent the last year in Costa Rica, I realized that my favorite part of LIU Global is the opportunity it provides us to meet new people. I still keep in touch with my friends from salsa dance class in Costa Rica on a regular basis! It has been a powerful experience to find something that I love as much as dance and that keeps my extra-curricular time filled

Most Powerful Experience thus far:  My most powerful experience thus far has been both long field trips to Panama and Nicaragua, because of the field work we got to do with local workers in those countries.

Why You Chose LIU Global:  Nothing beats the experiential learning found at LIU Global, and it's made me open to learning from the world both inside AND outside of the classroom.

LIU Global Student Profile Olivia M. MartinOlivea M. Martin – LIU Global - Senior

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Hometown:  Cranston, Rhode Island

How You Learned About LIU Global:  I learned about GC from my college counselor.  I then did research online, found the website & fell in love with GC!

Center/Program of Study Currently:  Studying in United States (for Senior Independent Study)

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year:  This year I will be traveling Hangzhou, China and I will be taking Mandarin, Martial Arts, Modern Chinese History, and Chinese Thought and Religions

Area of Concentration or Interest:  Indigenous Studies, Environmental Justice, Human Ecology

Favorite Center/Program thus far:  Australia Program

Most Powerful Experience thus far:  In one year I feel I have had so many powerful experiences. In the Comparative Religion and Culture Program I had the opportunity to go to the Elephant Nature Park. I got to volunteer with Elephants who have been rescued from abuse in the Elephant tourism businesses and put through the centuries old practice called the phajan or "the crush"where they are beaten until submission. It was a very intense experience and I will never forget those Elephants and I hope to one day go back to continue helping as much as I can. Also, during my stay in Australia, I discovered my passion for Indigenous studies, which I will continue through-out my life.

Why You Chose LIU Global:  I chose GC because I knew it was a unique & no other program existed like it.  I wanted to experience the world but not only that, try & understand & immerse myself into different cultures as well.  I want to become a more aware individual & learn as much as I can.

More About Olivea:  I am 20 years old and I love photography, dance and travelling and so much more. During my time at LIU Global I have been to, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Thailand (half of the CRC program), and the Australia program. I am getting ready to spend a year in China where I will continue my studies from high school of Mandarin. I love seeing outside my own culture especially since Rhode Island is a small place where you really aren't exposed to a lot. My perspective has shifted so much, more than I expected and each place I have gone to has changed me. I love seeing and doing as much as I can and Global College has helped me do that.