Financial Information

Financial Information

Pursuing higher education can be expensive. But when you choose an education that’s right for you and your goals, it is worth every penny, and LIU Global is committed to helping you find ways to afford university.

One of the best ways to budget for your future is to create a financial plan, which will act as a roadmap during your studies and beyond. Financial aid will cover a portion of your tuition, fees, and room and board, and your financial plan will help you determine how to cover the remaining cost.

  LIU Global 2018 - 2019 Tuition & Fees*
*Rates subject to change.
Student taking online courses only will be charged an Online Fee of $975 instead of the Center Fee.
***Does not include health insurance, international airfare or personal expenses. See below for additional expenses.

Undergraduate Tuition (per term):
University Fee (per term):
Center Fee** (per term):
Room & Board (per term):
   Costa Rica
   Europe  $5,355
   Asia-Pacific Australia
   China  $3,610
   Other locations
Estimated Total (per year):
$52,813 - $56,303***

Insurance: Varies – visit health insurance page for details.

Airfare: Varies – student is responsible for getting to the program and back home at end of semester.
LIU Global covers all program-related travel within the semester.

Visa-related costs: Visit visa info page for details.

Books: Varies – estimated book costs by center/program:

Asia-Pacific Australia: $0 (all readings are provided for free as electronic copies, with hard copies provided as needed/appropriate)

China: $50

Costa Rica: $50

Europe: Varies

Estimated personal expenses (as recommended by each center/program) – also sent ahead of time in Center/Program Handbooks:

Asia-Pacific Australia: $10-75 per week, depending on personal lifestyle choices. Please note: Indonesia is comparatively cheap, and Australia and Fiji are comparatively expensive.

China: The stipends students receive from the center are to cover basic living expenses during the semester. However, students should budget an additional $800-1,000 per semester for academic supplies and personal needs including personal travels.

Costa Rica: $1000-1500 per semester for personal needs, travel and recreation.

Europe: Varies

Net price calculator: LIU provides an online student aid calculator as a guide for early college financial planning. This calculator provides a preliminary estimate of federal and institutional aid eligibility and is not binding. Visit to obtain a preliminary estimate of your financial aid eligibility. 

Payment Plans: LIU offers convenient payment plans to help students manage their tuition charges while remaining in good financial standing with the University. You can sign up for a payment plan through your MyLIU account or by contacting Enrollment Services.

If you need help along the way, contact Carlett Thomas at or 718-488-3409.

Scholarships and Grants

LIU merit-based scholarships: All applicants are evaluated for a merit-based scholarship awarded based on a student’s previous academic record. Merit scholarships are awarded per academic year and are renewable to students who remain in good standing (3.0 GPA or higher).

External scholarships and grants: LIU Global has compiled a list of scholarships, many geared towards international education and study abroad, some of which have been awarded to previous students. Please visit for more information.