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Admitted StudentsWelcome Admitted Applicants

Congratulations on your acceptance to LIU Global! You have made an excellent decision in pursuing an experiential education. The LIU Global curriculum is committed to examining a new set of issues that are global in nature. As a student, you will gain skills, knowledge and the practical experience that will enable you to contribute positively to our rapidly globalizing world. You are now part of a unique learning environment. LIU Global enjoys the distinction of being the only college in the US that takes successive year long experiences in other cultures and integrates them into a progressive four-year degree.

This web site is a resource to assist you in the transition from applicant to enrolled student. On the following pages, you will find instructions and forms that are required for enrollment in LIU Global. You will also find information on the mandatory new student orientation, packing tips, the academic calendar and important phone numbers on this site. Please bookmark this page and share with your family members for easy access to this information. Should you have any questions or concerns about forms or deadlines, please contact the New York office at 718-780-4312. For questions related to the freshman year, please contact Laura Moya, our admissions counselor in Costa Rica. Laura may be reached at or by phone at 718-554-0396. For questions related to upperclassman transfer students, please contact Alyssa Stevens, our admissions counselor in New York. Alyssa may be reached at

Again, we congratulate you and look forward to seeing you at orientation!


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