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The second and third year programs offers a range of options for students. The China Center offers the most stability and immersion. Students are based in Hangzhou where they take a two-semester sequence in the theory and practice of cultural study in China, independent study, Junior Research seminar, intensive language learning, and electives. Mandarin language takes up a large part of the year’s curriculum: fourteen credits. Three weeks are devoted to field trips, while independent study is arranged around the rest of the curriculum.

Offering greater mobility and breadth, the Comparative Religion and Culture Program is available to both juniors and sophomores. See Sophomore Program and Comparative Religion and Culture Program for a complete description. Juniors take an equivalent of the Junior Research seminar as part of the larger curriculum.

In the spring semester, juniors may choose to attend the new South Africa Program in Durban, South Africa (opening for Spring 2014).  Additionally, students may spend a semester at our Australia program which focuses on indigenous peoples and environmental issues. 

Regardless of their choices, students use the Junior Research seminar or an equivalent to prepare for their senior-year Independent Study Semester (see Senior Program). As part of that seminar, students receive guidelines for preparing their Independent Study Semester Proposal (due towards the end of the second semester of the junior year) to be approved by their advisor as well as the director of the center that will oversee their Independent Study Semester.

Also in the second semester of the junior year, students choose their Area of Concentration (see B.A. Degree Program).