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AssociateAssociate students are those who wish to participate in LIU Global but choose not to receive academic credit. They have greater freedom in the preparation of portfolios (see student portfolios), since their final portfolios are not submitted for semester evaluation. Associate students are expected, however, to participate fully in the semester's program of learning. Prospective associate students must review their expectations and clear any specific plans both with the LIU Global admissions office and with the relevant Center Director prior to the start of the semester. Students who have "associate" status will not receive credit and, consequently, will not have a transcript that records their work with LIU Global. Similarly, they will not be registered as “true” (i.e., credit-earning) students, which may have consequences for obtaining (or retaining) various student benefits, as described below. It is reasonable for an associate student to request a letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor, but the faculty advisor is not expected to evaluate in detail the student's semester portfolio or other academic work. Associate students are entitled to use the Center's facilities, and to receive full orientation materials/assistance and informal advisement/feedback during the semester. They are not eligible for financial aid and they may or may not be eligible for deferment of student loan repayment, depending on the lender's policies. Similarly, they may or may not be covered by a parent's health insurance company. Associate students are required to maintain health insurance in accordance with LIU Global and LIU policies.