Program Locations

LIU Global students enrolled in the B.A. in Global Studies program spend the first three years living and learning at the College's overseas centers and program sites in Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In each center or program, students gain an in-depth understanding of the world and its challenges. During their senior year, students undertake two internships and engage in independent research into a global issue that is the basis of their senior thesis.

LIU Global engages in an ongoing process of program development and improvement, adjusting students’ educational itinerary in response to emerging challenges and opportunities. 

  Fall Semester Spring Semester

Year One

Costa Rica (excursion to Nicaragua)

Costa Rica (excursion to Panama)

Year Two

Spain (excursions to the UK and Germany)

Italy (excursions to Austria and Hungary)

Year Three

China or Asia-Pacific (Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand)

China (excursions to Hong Kong and Taiwan) or Australia (excursion to Bali)

Year Four

International Research & Internship Semester

(Australia, China, Costa Rica, and Europe)

New York City (excursions to Washington, D.C. and NCUR - National Conference on Undergraduate Research - location varies)