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Course Descriptions

Capstone Seminar (3 units)

Senior students gain support and develop writing, analytical and critical thinking skills in this seminar that focuses on the conception, and writing of a senior thesis. In addition to working independently, students gather weekly for a senior thesis writing workshop dedicated to improving participants' theses conceptually and technically. Students work individually and in peer groups, representing their work to the class at regular intervals for general critique.  The focus is on generating a topic, creating an outline, conducting appropriate research, polishing the writing and presenting the paper orally.

Senior Thesis (3 units)

Senior students write a thesis of their own conception for three credits. The thesis is the culmination of the student’s undergraduate work as a student of Global Studies and is a reflection of independent field research and bibliographic research which the student has carried out at one of the Centers and examined in depth during the Capstone semester. The student will work independently and with her advisor as well as with faculty and peers in the Capstone Thesis Seminar to develop and complete the thesis. Students are permitted to add appropriate media such as photos, film or sound to their thesis, and are encouraged to pay attention to the layout, format and style of their work as well as to its academic excellence.

Cross-Cultural Understanding in a Globalizing World (3 units)

The purpose of this seminar is to provide students with the opportunity to identify, and deepen their reflection upon some of their most important cross-cultural learning experiences during their years in LIU Global.  They will relate the experiences to particular, theoretical models. Additionally students enter into conversation with a wide range of intellectuals, artists, and activists, on the meaning of world citizenship. This conversation is carried out through the reading and discussion of texts as well as through live encounters. The course provides students the chance to explore and articulate how their experience might help them contribute to tackling the many challenges of a globalizing world.

Work:  Experience and Design (4 units)

This course offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to the workplace through a twelve week internship. In the process of applying for the position and working under the guidance of professionals in their fields, students learn about identifying and applying for jobs, analyzing the effectiveness of the organization, and assessing their own capabilities. In addition to the internship, students are exposed to career opportunities and graduate school programs through readings, guest speakers and field visits. Included in the required readings are works pertaining to the social and economic context of work and livelihood in the United States. Students study the current economic and social issues that are factors in determining the success and well-being of individuals and social groups. Students visit the United Nations and Washington, D.C. as they examine policy-making structures at the international and domestic levels. Students create an electronic Career Portfolio that highlights their acquired knowledge and skills with an emphasis on their global learning experience. 

Social Marketing (3 units)

In this course students are introduced to the systematic use of marketing principles, concepts and techniques to bring about societal development. The course aims at a student–focused approach as through discussion, readings and interactive exercises students examine social marketing strategies in diverse global locations. Building on students’ field experience in China, India, Latin America, USA, etc. they develop Social Marketing program proposals that address the needs they have identified. The objective output will be a detailed and refined Social Marketing Plan that is based on the Social Marketing Plan format presented in the Kotler textbook.

Language Study (2- 3 units)

Students have the opportunity to enroll in small classes for study of Advanced Spanish, Intermediate Spanish and Advanced Basic Mandarin. Students progress from a solid knowledge of conversation and grammar to advanced skills including communication through speaking, writing, and translating.
The classes are offered according to the demand of Capstone Seniors.

LIU Brooklyn

LIU Global students may enroll in any Brooklyn undergraduate course that does not require a prerequisite.