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Academic Program

The basic condition for entry into the Capstone Semester is completion and evaluation of the Junior Seminar in the preceding spring and the Independent Study Semester the preceding fall. All LIU Global seniors must enroll in all 13 credits that comprise the Capstone Semester.

All LIU Global students need 128 credits in order to graduate, thus some seniors may need to take additional elective credits (up to 18 credits during the Capstone Semester) at LIU Brooklyn. Thus, all seniors will enroll as full-time students in their final semester. Additionally, students who want to satisfy prerequisites for graduate study, or explore professional avenues, may enroll in LIU Brooklyn courses.

The Senior Capstone Semester builds on the multicultural and multilingual skills of LIU Global students, the myriad world-class learning resources in New York City, the global business community, and the international, comparative, and interdisciplinary expertise of LIU Global and Long Island University faculty members based in Brooklyn.

During this final semester, students continue to develop an appreciation for the diverse environment in which they live, work, and study, and they also learn how to leverage and embrace diversity as they prepare to become leaders in their chosen field.
Spring 2012 courses

Senior Thesis 3
Work: Experience and Design (Internship) 4
Language Study (according to demand)
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Advanced Mandarin

Senior Thesis Seminar 3
Cross-Cultural Understanding in a Globalizing World 3
Elective 3