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Internships & Service Learning

During the Spring semester, students will team up and be placed in local organizations in Hangzhou and Shanghai to conduct short-term service learning projects.

The service-learning will be a credited program in conjunction with their Area Study coursework. This program aims to provide LIU Global students with an integrated, issues-focused, and community-based learning opportunity to enhance their academic, personal and professional development. The placement will be arranged by the China Center and will be based on the organizations’ preferences and on the students’ research interests, experience, and linguistic competencies.

Although the specific details will vary according to the host organizations, the students will undergo a formal process of preparation, documentation, reflection and analysis as they plan and complete their experiential projects.

In the spring semester 2014, the service learning placements were in three organizations with various projects.

Social Entrepreneur InstituteNPI-Social Entrepreneur Institute
Initiated by NPI in 2010, SEI was formally established in 2012 to provide a platform for the creation of Chinese grass-roots organizations. SEI offers training courses focusing on capacity building, one-on-one mentoring, trainer tutoring, consulting, among other services.

Green ZhejiangGreen Zhejiang
Green Zhejiang advocates for the harmonious development between human beings and nature. They gather information on pollution in order to monitor, report on and resolve environmental problems. Their mission is to promote lowcarbon lifestyles and the disclosure of environmental data, and to enhance public awareness of environmental protection. In 2011, Green Zhejiang won the China Water Protection Annual Public Welfare Figure Nomination Award. And its new digital map for pollution monitoring, Qiantang River Map, was selected as an UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Program.

Ecoland Club FarmEcoland Club Farm
Established in 2010, Ecoland Club Farm is a social enterprise, aiming to become a Chinese pioneer in promoting a natural life style among urban citizens. The farm is a one-hour drive away from downtown Shanghai. Ecoland is a family membership institution in which each family has its own area. With three core services, organic production, community garden, and education for children, Ecoland advocates to have every urban family own a farm garden, to achieve a balance between nature and urban life.

If approved by their faculty advisor and service learning program professor, students may also arrange their own internships for credits. In the past, LIU Global students have worked successfully with the following organizations in China as part of their internships or independent studies:

China Charities Federation, social projects
English Training Programs, education
InTouch Zhejiang, journalism/magazine publishing
Operation Smile, sustainable health care
River of Hearts, clothing donation services
YWCA, community outreach
Museum Association at Hangzhou, cultural studies
Shizhuzhai Woodblock Water Printing Studio, Traditional Chinese Arts