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Academic Program

The academic program at the China Center is designed for students to take full advantage of the center’s location at the heart a dynamic area in China and its institutional partnership with a leading Chinese university. We encourage our students to engage with the academic community at Zhejiang University (Zheda) in as many ways as possible. Courses in Mandarin Chinese constitute a significant portion of the class schedule and allow students to improve their communication skills. Chinese language study is not only a practical necessity to connect to life in Hangzhou; but it provides a window into an alternate worldview—from the construction of sentences, to the makeup of characters, to the choice of informal terms, slang, and specialized vocabulary. Mandarin Chinese courses make up 14 of the 32 credits in the standard academic program.

An equally important part of the academic program is the English-language instruction courses offered independently by the China Center. While Chinese classes will fill most mornings, the afternoons are reserved for Center classes. The China Center courses offer a historical, economic, sociological, and cultural introduction to China, and provide the necessary means for students to express their ideas on China through essays, presentations, and qualitative research. The professors are committed to the LIU Global experiential learning model, and to helping students develop and apply increasingly sophisticated research skills that can enable them to gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture. In comparison to many of the international students on campus, who may have few commitments outside of the language classes, LIU Global students have a rigorous and challenging academic schedule from an academic perspective. By the end of the spring semester, however, when students are completing self-designed qualitative research projects or internships that employ all the tools they have been developing throughout the year, they see that all the hard work was both necessary and worthwhile.

Courses (credits):

Mandarin Chinese 6-8
Global Studies III  3
Modern Chinese History 3
Ethnic Minority Studies 3
Topics in Chinese Society and Change 3
Experiential Learning in a Chinese Context 2
Chinese Cultural Studies 2
Directed Independent Study 1- 4
Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi) 1- 2