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The LIU Global China Center is located on the Jade Spring (Yuquan) Campus of Zhejiang University, within walking distance of West Lake. In 1998 Zhejiang University merged with former Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University and Zhejiang Medical University to become one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the country, with six campuses located throughout the city of Hangzhou. In 2010 it ranked third among the most prestigious universities in China. Zhejiang University is the most comprehensive university in the country, with fields of study in twelve disciplines, including philosophy, literature, history, education, art, science, economics, law, management, engineering, agriculture, and medicine. It was the first university in China to establish a graduate school authorized to confer master’s and doctoral degrees. Presently, the total number of full-time students has reached well over 42,000, including over 25,000 undergraduates and over 16,000 graduate students.

Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. As of 2003, the city has a total population of over 6.4 million, with 3.9 million people living in the city proper. Reputed to be the safest and one of the most livable cities in China, Hangzhou ranked seventh in a multi-phase survey conducted at the end of 2004 based on several factors including air quality, traffic, urban sanitation, and economic development. In September of 2004, Hangzhou was named the best city in Chinese mainland in terms of commerce according to Forbes magazine. Hangzhou, however, is still a developing city. Urban planners and government officials strive to protect (and often recreate) the city's historic past and preserve its natural environment, while simultaneously developing infrastructure and growing a robust economy. Most of the city is relatively ordinary and much like any other city in China, rising and expanding rapidly, but the area around West Lake, and near the China Center, has been developed to reflect the city's rich cultural history and natural beauty. Today, five-star hotels, youth hostels, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, tea houses, and dance clubs encircle the famous West Lake and host a range of entertainment for the many Chinese and foreign visitors to Hangzhou. These provide unique opportunities for Chinese and foreign students from diverse cultures to gather and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.