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Academic Program

Students enrolled in the Australia semester will be studying the environment of Australia through classroom lectures, field trips, hands-on and independent research experience, travel and involvement with organizations active in environmental protection. The program is based on the belief that students will come to a greater understanding of the environmental issues we all face when they learn about these issues in an international setting and experience them in a context distinct from that of American society. The Australia program provides a unique opportunity to study the problems of the environment and solutions to them in a natural laboratory on the other side of the planet where views and approaches to fruitful change are subject to the norms of a culture different from our own.

Students enroll in up to five course organize around the classroom lecture, films, readings, site visits, hand on projects, group workshops, groups travel, nature experiences and an independent study.

Courses (credits)

Culture, Place and Identity in Australia  3
Environmental Sustainability 3
Encountering Australia's Environment 3
Junior Research Seminar (for GC degree-seeking students only) 3
Australia's First Peoples     3
Australian Coastal Environmental Issues 3