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Emilio Vargas-Mena

Emilio Vargas-Mena Professor of Environmental and Indigenous Issues LIU Global Costa Rica Center

B.A., University of Costa RicaM.Sc., University of Costa Rica


Emilio VargasProfessor Emilio Vargas-Mena is a Costa Rican environmental sociologist with expertise in teaching, research and outreach on the historical, social, cultural and political dimensions of conservation and management of ecosystems and wildlife in Latin America. He has an M.Sc. in Sociology from the University of Costa Rica and joined Friends World College (now LIU Global) in 1987.


Environmental Issues, Indigenous Issues, Wildlife Conservation and Management


Co-author, "The Forestry Resource in Costa Rica.  Public Policies and Society"
Co-author, "Elders and Forests in Costa Rica"
Co-author, articles in Praxis Philosophy Journal and Environmental Sciences Journal
Author, "Crops’ Insurance:  Natural Limits of Agrarian Capital and State Response in Costa Rica," published in Social Sciences Journal
Author, "Ecotourism in Costa Rica:  A Tropical Mirage?" published in  Environmental Sciences Journal
Author, "Barrahonda  National Park:  Ecosystems, Tourism and Community Participation," published in Praxis Philosophy Journal
Author, "Cultural Meanings of the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia Mydas)" in Caribbean Costa Rica," published in Rural Perspectives Journal
Author, "Urgent Issues in Environmental Education:  the Green Sea Turtle Case in Caribbean Costa Rica," published in Environmental Education Topics Journal
Author, "Oral Environmental History in Costa Rica.  A Pedagogical Exploration in the Wildlife Management Graduate Program of the National University," published in  History Journal


Recipient, UNA-Palabra Essay Prize, National University of Costa Rica

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