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Zhan Tianxiang

Professor of History
LIU Global China Center

B.A., Hangzhou University, ChinaM.A., Zhejiang University, China


Professor Zhan Tianxiang first taught at the China Center in 1991 and has been affiliated with Zhejiang University since 1966, when he received his B.A. from what was then Hangzhou University. After teaching high school in the mountains for more than a decade, he returned to Hangzhou and received his M.A. in history in 1982. For eight years he was the deputy director of the Department of History at Hangzhou University. He has also been a visiting scholar at Indiana University and teaches courses on Chinese history and culture at Portland State University in the summer. As a senior teacher at Global College, Tian’s popular courses include a fall semester seminar on the city of Hangzhou as a text for understanding traditional Chinese culture and history and a spring semester seminar on the legacy of Chairman Mao during the Chinese Revolution and the Cultural Revolution.


Chinese History and Culture, Cultural Revolution, Film and History


Author, “Hassuna, Halaf, Eridu and Uruk Cultures,” published in “Volume of Archeology” in “The Chinese Encyclopedia”

Professional Affiliations

Member, National Association for the Ancient and Medieval World History and Vice Head, Prehistoric Branch

Vice Chairman, Historical Association in Zhejiang Province

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