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Greg Sand

Greg Sand

Board of Advisers/Overseers and Capstone Adviser, LIU GlobalAdjunct Associate Professor of Managerial Sciences, LIU Global

B.A., Don Bosco CollegeM.B.A., Management, Adelphi University
M.A., Philosophy, St. John’s University
M.A., Theology, Immaculate Conception
Ph.D., University of Iowa


Dr. Greg Sand is executive director and owner of GLOBALTEAM International Marketing Consultants, Inc. Greg Sand, Ph.D. He is an international consultant with extensive consumer goods experience who has built a reputation as being an innovative, dynamic international authority in the area of global operational marketing.  Dr. Sand's expertise has been sought worldwide for over 30 years by companies like  Red Bull in the Middle East, United States and Europe; Unilever in Europe and the United States; Carlsberg in Asia and Latin America; Heineken in Europe and the Middle East; and  Coca-Cola worldwide. He has lived and worked on every continent and in countries where there are or have been Global College Centers, including Australia, China, Costa Rica, England, Ghana, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

Dr. Sand has been a highly sought education and guest lecturer around the globe, for such organizations and institutions as the Association Internactionale de Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; the international graduate business school  Ecole Superieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliques in Paris; Le Pole Universitaire, Leonard de Vinci in Paris; University of the Azores in Portugal; and University College Galway and University College Dublin in Ireland. He also has worked as a consultant on international education for study abroad programs at the SIAF International School for Advanced Education's "Learning Village in Tuscany" in Italy.


International Marketing, International Education


  • Author, "Marketing Consumer Goods in Russia," published in Marketing Management (2011)
  • Author, "Operational Marketing: Disciplined and Profitable Systems for Selling, Distributing, Merchandising and Promoting Fast-Moving Consumer Goods" (2005)
  • Author, "Encyclopedia of Merchandising" (1998)
  • Author, "World Class Merchandising: Research, Results, and Recommendations" (1996)
  • Author, "Intercultural Action Learning within a Business Context," published in International Journal of Educational Reform (1996)
  • Author, "Principles of Merchandising, A Global Perspective" (1995)
  • Creator, GLOBALSCORE web-based merchandising audit statistical system

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