Arts & Communications


Minor in Arts and Communications, LIU Global

The LIU Global minor in Arts and Communications equips students with the skills and knowledge fundamental for communication. Core courses orient students to the basics of strategic communication and selective contemporary media platforms. Electives broaden students’ understanding of fine art and popular genres from around the world, which they can incorporate into communication strategies. Students will be able to effectively integrate aesthetic traditions and various media strategies to work effectively in the world’s increasingly integrated communication networks.

In order to meet the requirement for the Arts and Communications minor, students must complete 5 courses:

  • At least three courses from Category A
  • Two additional courses selected from category A or B

Courses listed below may only count toward one minor if cross-listed in another minor. 

Category A: Core courses in Arts and Communications (at least 3 courses)

Course #

Course Title

Location, semester, type

GCOS 134

Introduction to Strategic Communication

Costa Rica, spring, elective

GEUR 306

Introduction to Web Design

Europe, spring, elective

GEUR 309

Exploring Documentary Video

Europe, spring, required

GAUS 301
Multimedia Storytelling for an Interconnected World Australia, spring, required

MA 106[1]

Video Workshop I or MA 108 Video Workshop II

Brooklyn, spring, elective

MA 118[2]

Digital Photography I or MA 122 Digital Photography II

Brooklyn, spring, elective

MA 124 [3]

Computer Graphics I or MA 132 Computer Graphics II

Brooklyn, spring, elective

Category B: Electives[4]

Course #

Course Title

Location, semester, type

GEUR 311 

Masters of Spanish Painting

Europe, fall, elective (advanced Spanish required)

GEUR 315

Spain in Images: Spanish Society Through Film

Europe, fall, elective

GEUR 305

World Cinema

Europe, spring, elective

GEUR 307 

The Italian Renaissance

Europe, spring, required

GEUR 325

Principles of Marketing

Europe, fall, elective

GCHI 332 

The Arts and Society in Contemporary China

China, fall, elective

GNYC 406 

Special Topics in Arts and Communication

with Dean’s permission, elective

GNYC 416

Capstone Internship in Arts and Communications

Brooklyn/Capstone, Spring, with approval

GNYC 418

Internship in Arts and Communications

IRIS, fall, with approval

[1] Students are placed in the first or second of these courses based on their previous academic experience by the chair of the Media Arts Department.

[2] See above

[3] See above

[4] Other courses may fulfill elective requirements with the Dean’s approval.