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Sample Learning Plans

The Learning Plan, prepared by students at the beginning of each semester, provides students with an opportunity to reflect upon the goals of the curriculum, tie those to the specific plans laid out in syllabuses, schedules, and other documents, and develop an area of concentration within this broader framework. By documenting how the specific activities of each semester relate to the categories of learning and achievement listed in the Learning Goals (see Program Structure), as well as the specific demands of the individual area of concentration, students will, over time, be able to build concise, powerful articulations of the content of their education, and will be able to provide evidence for what they will claim to have achieved over the course of their college career.

The Learning Plan functions as a progressive document: students review their previous semester's Learning Plan, evaluate how far they progressed in achieving what they set out to do, and construct their future plans to build on the foundations they have laid.

The Learning Plan should provide the focus for the first advising sessions of the semester, and the advisor can aid in its construction.

Learning Plan Guidelines