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AcademicsAll matriculated LIU Global students pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. LIU Global requires students to focus on three distinct world regions where they pursue field work, independent study and cross-cultural and writing skills development, while progressing on parallel academic tracks during each of the first three years of their studies. A culminating capstone semester and senior thesis help students share and integrate their experiences as they plot a course for the future.

To ensure that students are best equipped for the increasingly complex global realities ahead, LIU Global has a structured and focused curriculum with freedom of academic subjects through independent study.

LIU Global utilizes classroom and field-based seminars, low faculty to student ratios, community-based service learning, directed independent study projects, internships and one-on-one tutorials. Central to the curriculum are requirements that students focus on several key regions of the world – chosen from international centers and programs in China, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa and a New York-based final capstone semester, where students complete their senior thesis.