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Safety Issues

Safety IssuesAs a global education program, LIU Global has a great deal of experience in offering programming in a great variety of venues. For instance, the Comparative Religion and Culture Program alone has engaged in programming in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Italy, Greece, Israel and Turkey. Together our centers have experience in supervising student work in dozens of countries. There is simply no reason to travel to areas that are unsafe when there are so many other fine options available to us.

LIU Global follows the State Department’s advice in all its announcements, advisories and warnings.  See the link to the State Department’s general travel information: Also see the link to the State Department’s site for Students Abroad: We do not go to areas the State Department considers unsafe. Directors of all of our centers abroad and all administrative personnel in the U.S.A. are asked to subscribe to the State Department advisory e-mail list and are notified daily of new State Department announcements.  All of our students are registered with the U.S. Embassy in the country of residence abroad.

The U.S. State Department is not our only source of information on safety. We have local personnel in each country who monitor events at the local level and advise us on safety issues. In general, our safety and evacuation decisions are more conservative than that of the State Department. We have taken action to remove students in advance of State Department warnings and we have relocated field trips in the absence of State Department announcements. We have experience setting up programs all over the world and are able to do so at very short notice. The safety of our students is our number one priority.