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Students Focus on Space Research, Local Water Resources, and
Indigenous Peoples


04/15/2013 - 04/16/2013, LIU Global Center Event - Freshman TravelGuanacaste, Costa Rica, LIU Global

Prior to their trip to Nicaragua, the freshmen will be going to Guanacaste, a province in the northwest of Costa Rica. As part of the Introduction to Global Studies seminar, students will Visit Ad Astra Rocket Company (owned by Costa Rican NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz) to learn about the production of plasma fuel and witness how our country is participating in space research. The Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar students will visit the town of Sardinal to study the local water conflict. Students in the Contemporary Indigenous Peoples in Latin America seminar will carry out field work in Matambú and Guaitil in San Vicente, to learn firsthand about the Chorotega indigenous community. 

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