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Community Standards

Student Conduct & Community Education

The mission of the Office of Community Standards is to promote student understanding of rights and responsibilities as individuals and as members of the Campus community. All students are expected to adhere to principles set forth in the Division of Student Affairs Ethos Statement as well as the provisions set forth in the LIU Post Student Code of Conduct.

A student who is allegedly in violation of the Code of Conduct is referred to the Office of Community Standards to meet with the Director or designee. The Office of Community Standards provides a fair and educational adjudication process for such students. The goal of the process is to promote an understanding of ethical behavior, to encourage personal development, and to develop a sense of importance to becoming a positively contributing member of the community. Sanctions for Code of Conduct violations are geared toward educating the individual involved and protecting the safety and well-being of the LIU Post community.

Solving a Problem

To Settle a Dispute of Any Kind, remember to always follow the chain of command, utilize different methods of resolving a dispute and keep your cool. For more suggestions, click here

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook has been prepared with you in mind and it contains answers to the questions most often asked by the LIU Post Student. To view the Student Handbook, click here