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The Christian Campus Ministry at CW Post

The Christian Campus Ministry at C.W. Post "Keeping the Faith - Sharing the Faith – Creatively Challenging Students to Live the Faith!"

Jesus liked making new friends. He was constantly inviting himself over to someone's house for dinner. He called his disciples friends because he shared with them everything that he knew. Jesus teaches that the final test of both faith and knowledge is love, sharing, and caring.

The Christian Ministry provides a welcoming environment for undergraduate, graduate, and other members of the university community to grow in their faith and share their spiritual journey with other Christians.

The Christian Campus Ministry at C.W. Post The Christian Ministry serves a diverse community, honoring the religious traditions of its members while affirming their oneness in Christ.

The Christian Campus Ministry is committed to providing a social alternative for CW Post students. Through Bible study and fellowship, sharing meals and friendship, service/mission work, and social events CCM at Post, students can find a haven from everyday hassles and an opportunity to share feelings and faith in a nonjudgmental environment. We are a family, a Christian fellowship, a network, and a home away from home!

The Christian Campus Ministry at C.W. PostNo matter what your denomination or church affiliation (or lack thereof), all are welcome to take part in the experience of CCM at CW Post. Check out our Weekly Meetings.

It is our hope that you will discover among us faithful friends for your journey.

Contact Information

The Rev. John F. C. Dornheim
Protestant Campus Chaplain
C.W. Post Interfaith Center
Phone: 516-299-2096
Office Hours: Tuesday Noon-8 p.m., Thursday 1 p.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-1 p.m.