Religious Life


Islamic Life - Islamic Affairs

The Islamic Affairs Office works with the Muslim Student Organization and the Muslim community on Campus. Some activities and services include daily Jumu'ah (Friday) prayers, Qur'znic studies, celebration of Islamic holy days such as Eid-ul-Fitr (the festival ending Ramadan, Al-Isra') and Al Miraj (the anniversary of the prophets night journey and his ascension to the heavens), and the Islamic new year of Hijra.

The Islamic Affairs Office provides counseling to students, faculty and staff regarding Islamic related subjects and an Islamic Library. Since Al-Islam is an open religion the office encourages the student body to interact in social and cultural events for better understanding among all students and staff members. The office of Islamic Affairs encourages interfaith dialogue and activities.

Friday (Jumu'ah) afternoon prayer is held each week at 1:30 pm in the worship space of the Interfaith Center.

The advisor to the Muslim community can be contacted at (516)299-2416. His office is Office "c" located in the lower level of the Interfaith center.