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College 101

Freshman StudentsWelcome to your freshman year at LIU Post! We're happy to have you here! By choosing to attend LIU Post, you have started to take charge of your future. Congratulations!

As you are already finding out, the differences between being a college student and a high school student are many. The faculty and staff at LIU Post recognize that you will be facing many challenges and changes as you make this major transition in your life. We and are here to help. College 101 is a 13-week, one-credit, pass/fail course, specifically designed to turn you from being the new kid on campus, into a seasoned college student.

In College 101, you will learn a variety of ways to meet the challenges of college life, to set goals for both academic and personal success and to become familiar with the LIU Post Campus and its services.

Your success as a college student will be affected by many things: the moral and ethical decisions you will face, your commitment to accomplishing your goals and your willingness to take advantage of new experiences and opportunities and your continued motivation. With the help of your professor and your fellow new students, College 101 will assist you with time and financial management skills and good study habits. In addition, you will learn how to balance a personal life, academic work, jobs and extra-curricular activities.

College 101 is all about you and your success. Welcome to LIU Post!

Here's what current students in College 101 are saying about their first year at LIU Post

“Living on campus and being away from home is challenging, but being a member of the softball team helped me build relationships with people I consider my ‘Post Family’.”

“My first few weeks at Post are going really well. Yes, the first few days were difficult and hard to adjust. However, you will get used to it and learn to love it. You will meet lots of people during classes, common hour, etc. Just be open and friendly and you'll have a great time!”

“My first semester at LIU Post has been great. It is college, so you have a lot of work to do, but meeting new people and being on my own is a great experience.”

“My roommate and I only met a few weeks ago but we have become so close! We are really enjoying our college experience together.”

“It is my first semester at Post and so far I really enjoy it. Most people are friendly and the clubs I am in are amazing.”

“This is my first semester at LIU Post and I'm really enjoying meeting new people...and the food!”

“My first semester as a freshman has been pretty amazing. My professors are really awesome and everyone is nice.”

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