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Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program at LIU Post is designed to help incoming freshmen make a smooth transition from high school to the college environment. A Peer Mentor is an experienced, energetic upperclass college student who meets weekly with new freshman in their College 101 class. Peer mentors provide new students with information, encouragement and guidance during their first semester at LIU Post. They will keep you up-to-date on campus events, share their personal experiences and offer help and advice on adjusting to University life. They are your point of contact to ask questions about college and will be a friendly face at social events. They are looking forward to meeting you!

Goals of the Peer Mentor Program:


  • Promote academic excellence
  • Encourage the development of student relationships with other students and staff
  • Advance knowledge about campus services
  • Help establish career and educational goals
  • Provide consistent, reliable sources of support and inspiration


College 101 classes consist of a variety of topics and activities designed to provide freshmen with a comprehensive overview of college and the LIU Post. Some areas of discussion include:

  • The value of a college education
  • Personal development
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Cultural diversity/relationships
  • Career planning
  • Encouraging campus involvement

Program Benefits:

The Peer Mentor program and College 101 provide many benefits to both the mentor and student.

Through leadership in a College 101 class, peer mentors gain self-pride in knowing that they are making a difference by helping others. The title of Peer Mentor is an excellent addition to a college resume as well. In addition to receiving a generous scholarship, mentors also have the option of taking a three-credit education course as an elective.

For incoming freshmen, College 101 provides a valuable introduction to campus resources. The class helps freshmen develop the skills essential for a successful college career. College 101 also provides an atmosphere in which students are able to make new friends.

Admission and Training:

Students interesting in becoming Peer Mentors must meet the following requirements:

  • Students who have finished two or more semesters
  • GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Submission of a written application
  • Interview with the Peer Mentor coordinator and current peer mentors

Upon acceptance into the Peer Mentor program, all applicants must complete a mandatory three-day summer workshop. This comprehensive training session is designed to introduce Peer Mentors to effective communication skills. The workshop also emphasizes the development of group leadership skills including planning group activities, dealing with diversity and successful conflict resolution.

Contact Us:

For more information concerning the Peer Mentor Program or College 101, please contact us:

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Director – Counseling Services
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