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Ancillary Services

Is There An Extra Fee For The Ancillary Services?

Everything is included in the cost for the semester. There are no extra fees for the ancillary services.

How Do Students Know If They Are Entitled To A Note-taker, Reader, And/Or Amanuensis (Scribe)?

Students needing note-takers, readers, and/or amanuensis must submit documentation with the Diagnostic Evaluation Report stating that such a service is necessary because of the nature of their learning disability. All approved reasonable accommodations will be discussed with the students and will be listed on the students' Accommodations Form.

How Do Students Obtain Note-takers?

We provide students with a form detailing the procedure for obtaining a note-taker through their professors. The professor identifies a note-taker from the students in the class and refers him or her to the Academic Resource Program. The Learning Support Center then employs the note-taker for the semester.

Do Students Need To Take Their Own Notes If They Have A Note-taker?

A note-taker’s work is not a substitute for the student’s work. A student must take his or her own notes to the best of his/her ability.

What Happens If Recordings For The Blind And Dyslexic Cannot Provide A Student’s Textbooks In Audio Format?

The Academic Resource Program has a computer program available to students that converts text to speech.

How Many Learning Assistants May A Program Student Have During The Semester?

A program student works with at least one learning assistant for two hours per week during the semester. However, a student may opt to work in the Learning Support Center in Post Hall every day for as many hours as needed at no additional cost. Additional appointments with one of the learning assistants may be arranged through the ARP administrators.A program student may also work with a subject tutor for each of his or her classes.

How Does The Program Communicate With Professors About Its Students?

At the beginning of each semester students are required to inform their professors that they are students in the Academic Resource Program and provide their professors with a copy of their Accommodations Form. Mid-semester reports are sent to each professor requesting a student’s attendance record, participation level in the class, test grades, and a projected final grade.

Are Students Able To Use The Computers In The Learning Support Center?

A computer lab is available to all Academic Resource Program students. Students may also use their own laptop or iPad.

Does Someone Help Academic Resource Program Students Register For Classes?

All students at LIU Post are assigned an Academic Counselor. The Academic Counselors help the students develop a Plan of Study for their education. An ARP administrator also meets with all Academic Resource Program students to help them in their selection of classes and to assure that they have a balanced course load.