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Information for Faculty

Creating a classroom environment that fosters academic integrity is essential to the mission of C.W. Post. The Presidential vision of Long Island University emphasizes our obligation “to create in all those who come to the University, the capacity and yearning for academic excellence . . . [and] individual achievement.” We are united in creating such an atmosphere. At times, students can complicate this mission when as a result of ignorance, carelessness, or pressure to succeed, they engage in acts of academic dishonesty. Links are provided to help educate, protect, and confront issues of academic integrity at C.W. Post.

All faculty are encouraged to include on their syllabi the following statements (or a suitable variation) regarding the C.W. Post Academic Conduct Policy and Disability Services.

C.W. Post Academic Conduct Policy

The Academic Conduct Policy of the C.W. Post Campus promotes an academic community characterized by respect, honesty, originality, and fairness. Academic misconduct such as plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, sabotage or assisting someone in the committing of any of the acts, is a violation of this Policy. Any student found engaging in academic misconduct is subject to disciplinary action.

Information about the Policy and resources to prevent violating it, can be found in the Academic Conduct Policies and Standards section of the Web site. If you have any questions about the Policy, please speak to your professor.

Statement on Disability Services

If you are a student with a disability and require accommodations, please contact the Learning Support Center in Post Hall (lower level, East wing) at 299-3057 during the first week of the semester.