Residence Hall

About 1,600 students live in eight residence halls on the LIU Post campus. Each hall is co-ed, with males and females divided by floor or wing. Halls range in size and can accommodate any number of students from 120 to 350 students. Five residence halls – Brookville, Kings, Queens, Post and Riggs – are traditional-style, offering two, three or four- person rooms that open onto a common hallway. Residents in each hallway share a large, common bathroom.

The South Residence Complex features an all-suite design, with up to eight students sharing a common living area, double bedrooms and a

semi-private bath. This layout is popular with Junior and Seniors who want to share living accommodations with a group of friends.

Two other residence halls – Suffolk and Nassau – offer more specialized options. Suffolk Hall is a traditional-style hall designed for 24-hour intensified study for students who prefer a quiet, academic-centered environment. Nassau Hall offers the additional benefit of long-stay accommodations over vacations and in between semesters – for overseas and other far-from-home students, for those who work on campus, or for students who register for classes during the Winter Semester.

Every residence hall offers lounges for relaxation or study, as well as snack areas with vending machines and convection ovens, and fully-equipped laundry rooms.

The Good News About Residence Hall Life

Research shows that students who live on campus:

  • Are more likely to graduate
  • Enjoy college more
  • Build more friendships with other students
  • Have better relationships with the faculty
  • Play a greater role in extracurricular activities and athletics
  • Are more likely to become student leaders
  • Earn higher grade point averages