Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that are most commonly asked by new students and their families, as they prepare for Orientation. If you have further questions, please free to contact the Office of Campus Life at 516-299-3594 or e-mail  

What is the purpose of New Student Orientation?

We have several goals for the Orientation Program. First, we want to introduce all new students and their families to the LIU Post community. Then, we would like to familiarize you with the Campus and what we’re all about. You’ll learn about academic requirements, policies and procedures, community standards and expectations, residence life and commuter student services, health and counseling services, financial aid procedures, personal safety, intramural and athletic programs, student organizations and student activities. As a new member of the LIU Post community, you’ll have time during Orientation to meet new classmates and returning students while getting to know members of the faculty and staff.

What will I do at New Student Orientation?

  • Meet the Student Orientation Leaders
  • Meet your LIU Promise Success Coach
  • Begin to get to know your new classmates
  • Discover more about the Campus departments and services available during the academic year
  • Meet distinguished members of the faculty
  • Discover the diversity on our Campus
  • Attend the club fair and learn about how to get involved
  • Learn about expectations of you as a LIU Post student
  • Explore many opportunities available to you
  • Get educated on the expectations and explore the opportunities available to you

Do I have to stay overnight?

First-Year students are required to stay overnight as part of their Orientation Program. The program for Transfer and Graduate Students is a one-day program.

What should I bring if I am attending the First-Year Orientation Program?

  • Fan – It will be summer and the residence halls will be hot please, remember to bring a fan so you may sleep comfortably.
  • Comfortable Shoes – We will have many outside activities and there will be a lot of walking.
  • Toiletries/Shower supplies/sunblock/medications or anything personal that will be needed for the one night stay on campus
  • Bedding/sheets/pillow/sleeping bag – you should bring extra-long sheets for the beds.
  • An alarm clock – all students will need to be up early, so bring your alarm so you can be awake and on time
  • Clothing – First-year students will be spending 2 nights on campus, so bring enough clothes for the 3 days. If you get cold easily, be sure to bring a sweatshirt as the main building where all the sessions are held, tends to get cool with the air conditioning.

Students will only be staying over only two nights, so we ask that only the necessities are brought to campus.

What is Parent and Family Orientation?

Parent and Family Orientation is a time for parents and families to learn more about LIU Post Campus and better understand the experiences their LIU Post student will soon encounter. It is not mandatory for family members to attend, however, it is recommended. Students will be participating in the New Student Orientation session simultaneously with Parent & Family Orientation. All meals for the day will be provided.

What if I am a family member who needs to stay overnight?

Any family members who wish to stay overnight will be responsible for making reservations at an off-campus accommodation. For a list of local hotels, click here.

How do I register for Orientation?

You will need to sign in and complete the Orientation Registration Form using your My LIU account. Once you complete the form and select your Orientation session, you will receive an email confirmation. It is really that simple!

What meals are provided?

All meals will be provided during Orientation. The cost for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are included in the fee for orientation.

What is the cost for Orientation?

The Orientation Fee is included in a student’s Tuition & Fees and is applied regardless if student attends the Orientation Program. However, a student will not need to bring any money with them to Orientation – all costs are covered by the fees.  

How will I know which session I am attending?

You will select the Orientation session on your registration form and will receive a confirmation email. If you have questions or need to change your session, please email the Office of Campus Life at You may also call the office at 516-299-3594.