Ali DiBona

What LIU Promise Means to Me

LIU Promise is a commitment between a Success Coach and the student. I am committed to providing an endless amount of help, guidance, and support to ensure that every student succeeds. I want to foster independence but also ensure that every student feels that they have someone in their corner, not only rooting for them but empowering them to be successful even after they graduate from LIU.

This is the responsibility of a success coach but not without the commitment from each student. My favorite part is having the opportunity to connect with students not only in my office but around campus as well. I love to see students in other roles, whether at an event, a club meeting, or with their friends. It brings a whole new dimension to the relationship we share.

Definition of Success

I measure success by my job, with my family, friends and throughout my personal life. I am accomplishing my goals every day, and I want to assist my students to do the same.

Taking Pride in a Promise

My proudest moments have been learning how talented my students are. Some are writing for The Pioneer, others love to sing and upload amazing videos on YouTube, and many more are already active members of clubs and organizations on campus. I am most proud knowing that my students are getting involved and earning a name for themselves!

Favorite Movie

There are so many great movies out there … two that come to mind are Big Fish and Dan in Real Life.


Daniel Lauterman

Making a Difference

I find that students need help managing their time as they make the transition from high school into college. First, I sit down with them and gain an understanding of what their daily schedules are like. After that, I work with students on implementing strategies to better manage their time.

The Power of Connectivity

Success is when people unite, connect with one another, and work hard to meet a common goal.

That Just Isn't True ...

There is never “nothing to do” on campus. Plenty of opportunities exist for students to get involved, whether it be with clubs and organizations, student government, intramural sports, or campus events. I am a big fan of starting a club! 

Favorite Food

Italian food ... all of it!


Saadia Rafiq

Why LIU Promise?

I became a Success Coach not only to help students become successful but to encourage them to become more engaged and involved in their college experience. I've had great mentors who have shaped me in various ways, so being a Success Coach gives me an opportunity to help others by motivating them to succeed. I interact with a diverse group of students from different parts of the world so I love learning about what inspires them.

A Coach's Path to Success

There are several ways you can define success, but I believe it comes from creating goals, working hard, and accomplishing what you set your mind on.

Building a Relationship

As a Success Coach, I am the point person to help my student find answers to their questions and help them avoid perceived roadblocks. I constantly tell my students that college is just one chapter in their book. It is also the perfect place to make mistakes and learn lessons that help them become successful in the real world. I think Dr. Seuss stated it best: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go.” My goal is to remind my students that they are on the right path, and I am here to support them in their decisions to become successful.

Favorite Food

Beside my mom’s Pakistani food, I love Thai food. 


Daniel Carlos

What LIU Promise Means to Me

LIU Promise is a unique and authentic approach on how we assist our students. The program's structure places us in a great position to meet all the needs of each student. My favorite part is the arrangement of our office. In sharing an office with my colleagues, we are able to bounce ideas and support each other, thus giving students better opportunities to receive the answers and guidance they deserve.

How Would You Describe the Relationship Between Success Coach and Student?

Approachable. We convey to all LIU students that we are accessible and ready to discuss any and all concerns they may have. We want to learn everything we can about the student so we can best cater to them. Learning more about each student’s interests and goals will allow us to find events and internships tailored toward that individual.

Favorite Song

Right now, my go-to song on my iPod is Capital Cities' “Safe and Sound.” I don’t know what it is. I hear it and I can’t stop sliding and gliding.

Favorite Food

Lasagna … isn’t that everyone's?


Alissa Karcz

Successful Tips

Success is achieving one’s desired goal by trying your best each and every day. It takes a very goal-oriented, hard-working person to have success. If you keep working toward your goals, the rest will eventually follow. 

Easing the College Transition

I feel many freshmen need help transitioning from high school to college because it can be an overwhelming experience. In high school, students often have parents and teachers to remind them about responsibilities and priorities. However, college students must balance their responsibilities and set their own priorities. By having a Success Coach, students can reach out to us to help provide them with time management skills and useful strategies.

Myth Busted

One myth about freshman college life is the assumption that it is hard to connect to professors. But visiting a faculty member during office hours or chatting with him or her after class goes a long way.

Last Book Read

Strengths Finder by Tom Rath. It provides the reader with the five essential elements of what contributes to one’s well-being. Knowing your strengths can help you improve and capitalize on them. Also, reading this book helped me to develop awareness in areas I would like to improve on personally over time.