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 Silver 2012 CCCP

LIU Post’s Career Services, Academic & Career Planning, & Cooperative Education programs have been awarded SILVER certification through OUT for Work's Career Center Certification Program(CCCP)!

The OUT for Work CCCP is the first program designed to assess the quality, quantity and availability of career resource materials for LGBTQ students. The primary goal of the CCCP is to provide academic institutions and students with an evaluation of the support available to LGBTQ students facing employment and workplace challenges. The certificate is awarded based on the availability of resources focused on how to be "out" in the workplace and the quality of LGBTQ materials available to students.


Academic & Career Planning at LIU Post strive to provide all students with the resources that are necessary to succeed professionally. We understand that students come from diverse backgrounds with unique experiences and needs. We are sensitive to the concerns LGBTQ students may face in making a successful and comfortable transition from education to employment. Our counselors are Safe Out-Post** trained.

We hope to provide resources to assist students in preparing for the challenges they may face during a job search and upon entering the professional workforce by:

  • providing a list of LGBTQ-friendly organizations
  • educating students on how to prepare a resume that genuinely reflects their abilities and how they want to be perceived in a work environment
  • teaching students about their rights and how to exercise them
  • constantly educating ourselves through the interactions we have with our students.

We hope that our resources will be helpful to LGBTQ students and alumni at all levels of the career development process.

For more information about LGBTQ issues in the workplace, LGBTQ friendly job banks, and other related career resources go to the Online Career Resources page at the LIU Post Career Services website.