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General Intramural Rules



All participants must be current students full-or part time. Alumni, faculty, staff and community members (Brookville, and Old Westbury) purchase memberships to be eligible to play. IDs MUST be presented whenever requested.

Players can participate on one co-rec team, and/or one men’s or women‘s team in a season. Participating on more than one team within the same league may result in forfeiting of those games played on both teams.

No varsity athletes from related sports are eligible to play if they have played or lettered within the same year of the intramural season in question. No person who has professional status may play.


Game time is the starting time for intramural games. There will be no grace period allowed. The intramural supervisor’s or official’s timepiece is the official timepiece.

Teams that state their team is on the way at game time will be asked to start the game short handed until their team arrives. Be on time.


Captains must attend the Captains’ meeting prior to the start of play for each sport they sign up a team. If the Captain is unable to attend they may send a representative in their place. If a team does not have a representative they will lose their playoff eligibility.

Captains’ (or their designee) are responsible for relaying all rules, and information they are provided at the Captain’s meeting to their team.

Captains are responsible for their team’s behavior as well as their fans. Officials and/or Supervisors who may have a problem with someone’s behavior will address these issues with the Captain or their designee.

The Team Captain’s telephone number retrieved from the official team roster will be called with changes in schedules, postponements, playoff schedules etc. It is that person’s responsibility to relay the information to their team. The Intramural office will only make one call per team involved in play that day.


The officials and intramural supervisor’s authority and jurisdiction will be in effect at and around the field of play. There is no time limit to his or her responding to a situation.

A player may be warned and later ejected from the game for persistent sportsmanship violations. Ejection from a game will result in at least a one game suspension. Determination of reinstatement will be made after a personal interview between the offender and director of intramurals. When a player is ejected from a game for disciplinary reasons, he/she cannot be replaced by another player for the remainder of the game.

Fighting during an intramural game will result in ejection of those persons involved from that intramural sport. Those persons involved will also be subject to follow the LIU Post Code of Conduct and will be reported to the Office of the Director of Student Conduct and Community Education. In addition those persons’ teams will forfeit the remainder of their game.

Any ejected person is to contact the director by the next working day. Failure to do so may cause that ejected person’s TEAM to be suspended from further play. The officials have the authority to stop the game at any time and give one warning to players, managers, or spectators for unsportsmanlike conduct. After one warning, the supervisor has the authority to forfeit the game.

Suspension for life from attendance at any intramural-sponsored activity for attempting to or actually threatening (physically or verbally) any official or intramural supervisor.


Once a team has forfeited a contest, they will no longer be eligible for playoffs for that sport.

Two defaults will equal one forfeit and will result in the team being excluded from the playoffs. (A default is when notice is given to the intramural office at least three hours prior to the game that you will be unable to attend.)

An appeal form may be filed to attempt to re-attain playoff status.


  1. Lengths of games: 6 innings or 1 hour whichever comes first. No inning will be started after 50 minutes.
  2. Umpires have final say in all judgment calls. Judgment call may not be protested. It is the umpire’s final discretion to discuss a call.
  3. If you wish to protest a call, you must alert the umpire and make a note of the situation at the time of the protest….how many players on base, how many outs, the count on the hitter, the score etc. If the protest is upheld the game will be replayed from that point.
  4. All batters start with a 2 Ball and 1 Strike Count.
  5. Four balls constitute a walk and three strikes are an out. Any foul balls or foul tip on the third strike is strike three as well.
  6. No metal spikes or cleats are allowed in Intramural competition.
  7. No jewelry allowed while playing.
  8. These are slow pitch leagues. The arc of the pitch must be within 6 to 12 feet. Any pitch out of those parameters may be called illegal by the umpire and automatically called a ball. A batter may swing at a pitch that is called illegal but he/she surrenders the right to that pitch being an automatic ball.
  9. No stealing or bunting. The base runner cannot leave the base until the ball has been hit. Any base runner leaving early may be called out by an umpire.
  10. Mercy Rule: 10 runs after 4 innings, and or 15 runs in any point of the game.
  11. All other rules comply with that of the NCAA.