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Office of Student Life and Leadership Development

Student Life & Leadership DevelopmentThe Office of Student Life and Leadership Development provides a diverse range of opportunities for student involvement that complement the academic experience.

The office is committed to helping students realize their full potential. We believe that learning is not limited to the classroom. We seek to educate, challenge and cultivate LIU Post students by providing programs and services that encourage student involvement and offer both personal and academic support for student growth. We promote community outreach and social understanding and we help students learn how to help themselves as they prepare to become responsible and contributing citizens of our diverse society.

The Office of Student Life and Leadership Development advises 80 clubs and organizations at LIU Post. We say advise, because at LIU Post, clubs and organizations are created by students, run by students, and governed by students, with the assistance of professional staff members and faculty. We believe that it is the students’ passion, leadership, talent and drive that make LIU Post a truly unique higher education experience.

If you are interested in forming a new club or organization, or simply wish to find out more about leadership opportunities and student activities, please contact the Student Life & Leadership Development Office at 516-299-2800 or check out the programs on the left side of the page.