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The Pioneer is the student newspaper of LIU Post. We strive to professionally, fairly, accurately and ethically report news and sports from LIU Post.

LIU Post students, faculty, administrators and parents turn to The Pioneer as their source of campus and community news and sports coverage. The Pioneer informs the LIU Post community about relevant news and opinion, plays a strong role in connecting the campus, and provides a training ground for student journalists. We encourage our audience to express their views, opinions and concerns at all times; we believe in freedom of expression.

The Pioneer is published weekly, in both print and online form, during the regular academic year. The Pioneer is student-run. All decisions are made by a very dedicated undergraduate student leadership team with two principal divisions - business and editorial. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for all content in The Pioneer. The Business Manager is responsible for all business affairs, including advertising, production, marketing and finance.

The Pioneer Online

The Pioneer Online

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To meet Maxime Devillaz and Alyssa Seidman, editors of the Post Pioneer, click here