Animal Lovers United

Animal Lovers United, ALU, is a club dedicated to the safety, health, protection and overall welfare of animals. We work in conjunction with other animal organizations in an effort to raise funds that will go towards the care of vulnerable animals. We also work collectively to stop gross practices involving animal cruelty such as animal testing, hunting, and the running of puppy mills. Our mission is to make an impact and bring awareness to the plight of animals by getting people to join the cause on behalf of all helpless animals.

Knights of the New Republic

The goal of the club is to bring all types of people together who simply enjoy Star Wars related materials.

Men Respecting All Women and Women Appreciating Real Men (MRAW & WARM)

MRAW & WARM is a unique club that focuses on respecting women by fighting the negative stereotypes of disrespectful men. The club members strive to show others how to become better gentlemen in everyday life by attempting to empower women through informing students of issues such as domestic violence, rape, and human trafficking.

Post Drill Team

Drill team is a way for students to get involved in the community by learning aspects of police/ military work while instilling discipline, motivation, respect, and leadership in its club members. It was founded to help spread crime awareness on campus and in the community. 

TWIce as Nice

It is not only to unite all sets of twins and those who have twins, but to also express the bond that twins share to the entire campus.

Forensic Science Club

Similar to the television phenomenon CSI, LIU Post’s Forensic Science Club attempts to advance their skills as problem solvers. Their signature Murder Mystery Dinner is just one of many fun events they host throughout the academic year.

Health and Physical Education Majors Club

The purpose of the Health and Physical Education Majors Club is to encourage, advance, and contribute to the professional growth and development of men and women in the field of health and physical education. Members participate in outside-the-classroom involvement by sponsoring various activities and learning trends and issues in the field.

National Student Speech, Language, Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

The LIU Post Chapter of NSSLHA creates a fuller appreciation and awareness of the issues regarding speech-language pathology and audiology. If you are looking to pursue a career in a related field, this is a great place to network and share information with like-minded people.

Nutrition Club

In a world of fast-food and quick fixes, the Nutrition Club seeks to educate students so that they can make smart and healthy choices. If you are looking to start a career in the field of nutrition or just take an interest in knowing more about your own body, this is a great place to socialize and learn more. Planning various events and initiatives throughout the year, the Nutrition Club seeks to make the world a little healthier, one person at a time!