Honors College Curriculum

LIU Post's Honors College is designed for academically motivated students of all majors. Students may enter as freshman, sophomores and juniors. Transfer students are welcome. In intimate classroom settings of no more than 20 students, you will participate with faculty in thought-provoking discussions that will challenge and transform you. Study and travel abroad are popular options. Every student in the program works with a faculty mentor on research leading to an undergraduate thesis in the major. 

The Honors College curriculum substitute advanced alternative courses for core curriculum requirements in humanities and social sciences. Freshmen typically take a sequence of literature, history, and philosophy courses organized around a central theme. Completion of this sequence satisfies all Writing Across Curriculum requirements outside the major. Honors also offers courses that enable students to complete their social science, fine arts, speech and foreign language requirements in an Honors environment.

Honors Program courses are divided into those that fulfill core requirements; advanced electives; and an individually researched Tutorial and Thesis. All honors courses are designated by a 300 number code and are listed on the first page of the class schedule each semester.

Credit Distribution

Four-Year Sequence
30-32 credits total distributed over four years.

Freshman year
12 credits: Honors Liberal Arts, Fine Art, and Social Science Core Courses (303, 304). Students who elect Honors Science Core in the first year earn 14 credits total in Honors.

Sophomore year
6-8 credits (depending on whether the student takes honors science in this year). Students will take Honors Science Core Courses (301, 302), unless they are science majors and must fulfill specific requirements for their major. These science majors must take an alternative 6 credits of liberal arts (303, 304) and will complete the Honors Program with 30 credits.

Junior year
3 credits: Honors Advanced Elective
3 credits: Tutorial (spring semester)

Senior year
3 credits: Thesis, (fall semester)
3 credits: Honors Advanced Elective, (fall or spring semester)

Three-Year Sequence
18-20 credits total distributed over three years.

Sophomore year
6-8 credits Honors courses (depending on whether student takes Honors science in this year). Honors courses can be chosen from Liberal Arts, Fine Art, and Social Science core courses (303, 304).

Junior year
3 credits Honors core or Advanced Elective (fall semester)
3 credits Honors Tutorial (spring semester)

Senior year
3 credits Honors Thesis (fall semester)
3 credits Honors core or Advanced Elective (fall or spring semester)

Two-Year Sequence
12 credits total distributed over two years.

The two year option is open to transfer students and continuing students who meet eligibility requirements.

Junior year
6-8 credits: Honors courses (either core or advanced electives). Students who elect to participate in the Honors Science Core will need to take 8 credits to meet this requirement.
3 credits core or Honors Advanced Elective (fall semester)
3 credits Tutorial (spring semester)

Senior year
3 credits Thesis (fall semester)
3 credits core or Honors Advanced Elective (fall or spring semester)