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Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador

Choosing the right college can be an overwhelming task for many of today's high school seniors -- but help from someone who has been through the process can be invaluable. The Alumni Office, together with the Admissions Office, is looking for enthusiastic LIU Post alumni to give prospective students "the inside view" of life at LIU Post.

Here are some ways Alumni Admissions Ambassadors can help:

  • Attend LIU Post admissions events and chat with high school and community college transfer students about the impact of your LIU Post degree, your professional success and your experiences as a college student.
  • Share your experiences one-to-one or in a group setting at various on-campus admissions events, such as Fall and Spring Open Houses, Admitted Student Day and Post Preview Days.
  • Serve as LIU Post representatives at local high school college fairs.
  • Participate at alumni “call nights” to dial admitted students and congratulate them on their acceptance. 

To be considered for the Alumni Admissions Ambassadors Program, please contact:

Kate Howlett, Director
Office of Alumni Relations
(516) 299-2263

International Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program

We are seeking graduates of LIU Post who are foreign nationals and/or US citizens living abroad who speak the local language and understand the local culture, to serve as International Alumni Ambassadors.  Alumni are able to provide prospective students and their families with a unique perspective of their alma mater and the information they provide is considered very important and reliable. 

This is a unique opportunity to serve your local community by providing students with information relevant to their higher educational aspirations while also making a meaningful contribution to the global reputation and outreach of LIU Post.

Here are some ways International Ambassadors can help:

  • Act as a contact for students and prospective students from your home area who request information from an alumnus
  • Contact prospective students who have been offered admission to the University to offer congratulations
  • Assist International Admissions staff participating in recruiting tours by joining them at University fairs and/or school visits
  • Serve as hosts at receptions or other get-togethers for prospective students and their families
  • Notify International Admissions staff of possible recruitment opportunities in your country, e.g. students or school officials with whom you've come into contact and/or special advertising opportunities
  • Encourage other alumni to update their contact information and join the worldwide network of LIU Post alumni

To be considered for the International Alumni Admissions Ambassadors Program, please contact:

Ian Wright, Director
International Admissions