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Wei Yang

Cool Thinking Faculty

Taking a course during winter break provides you with the opportunity to work with LIU Post faculty in an even more personal and accessible environment. In a special 10-day program, you will earn three academic credits that can help you accelerate degree completion, improve a grade, or concentrate fully on a challenging subject matter.

Our faculty are excellent teachers, skilled researchers, and gifted practitioners. They will share their passion for their fields of study through personalized teaching and mentorship.

Winter Session Faculty 

Dr. Sebastien Buttet, Economics
Dr. Jennifer Brown, Sociology
Dr. Carol Campbell, Psychology
Dr. T. Steven Chang, Management
Adam Charboneau, History
Dr. Albert De Vivo, Foreign Languages
Professor Cary Epstein, Health, Physical Education and Movement Science
Dr. Chantal Ferraro, Anthropology
Dr. Brian Gempp, English
Dr. Randy Greene, English
Trudy Katz, Palmer School of Library and Information Science
Dr. Ronna S. Feit, Foreign Languages
Dr. Harvey Kushner, Criminal Justice
Dr. Paul Forestell, Psychology
John Fraser, Theatre

Daniel Harris, English
Francis Harten, Forensic Science
Dr. Dae Lee, Economics
Mel Laucella, Political Science
Dr. Eric Lichten, Sociology
Dr. John Lutz, English
Christopher Mauceri, History
Dr. Luis R. Martinez, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Richard McNabb, English
Dr. Panos Mourdoukoutas, Economics
Edmond Niemczura, English
Frank Olt, Art,
Dr. Grace C. Rossi, Psychology
Dr. Michael Russo, Philosophy