Minor in Film Studies

The Film Studies minor at LIU Post is open for non-film majors to explore the fascinating history and theory of film. Students will have the opportunity to learn the craft of screenwriting, which is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences you'll ever undertake. Visual and Media Literacy are cornerstones of today’s well-educated person. The study of film not only gives you the language and critical tools for this new literacy, but also gives a window into learning about different cultures and points of view in today’s complex world.

Non-film majors interested in minoring in Film Studies can choose 6 courses from the following list:

Required of all majors: (12 credits)

CIN 1  Art of Film - Silent Era 3.00
CIN 2 Art of Film - Sound Era 3.00
CIN 3 Major Forces in the Cinema 3.00
CIN 4 Major Figures in the Cinema 3.00
CIN 5 Art of the Documentary Film 3.00
CIN 9 Screenwriting - Short Form 3.00
CIN 10 Screenwriting - Long Form 3.00
CIN 28 Film Theory 3.00
CIN 303 or 304

Film and Society ( for students with 3.2 GPA's)


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College of Arts, Communications & Design
Christine Kerr, Ph.D.
Acting Dean and Professor

Moreen Mitchell, J.D.
Assistant Dean