Dual Master's with NYU

Dual Master's with NYU

In collaboration with New York University (NYU), the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at LIU offers a unique 52-credit dual master's degree program that prepares subject specialist/scholar-librarians for careers in academic and research institutions or as information specialists in a specialized library or information center. The program grants an ALA-accredited Master of Science in Library and Information Science from LIU's Palmer School and a Master of Arts or Science from NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) or from three programs within NYU's Steinhardt School: Costume Studies, Food Studies or Media, Culture, and Communication.

    • Students take approximately 13 fewer credits than would be required if they pursued each master's degree separately.
    • Students are able to take Palmer School courses in Manhattan at the NYU Bobst Library or at LIU Post on Long Island. All NYU   courses are taught at NYU’s Washington Square Manhattan campus.
    • Students select from among numerous NYU GSAS programs or NYU Steinhardt School’s approved programs and enroll simultaneously at the LIU Palmer       School.
    • Specially designed mentorship program with NYU Libraries' library subject specialists offers professional guidance and experience throughout the duration     of the program.  


Students take the following Palmer courses:
LIS 510 Introduction to Library Science 
LIS 511 Information Sources and Services 
LIS 512 Knowledge Organization 
LIS 514 Research Methods 
LIS 785 Mentorship 
Four LIS electives 
   Strongly suggested elective: LIS 516 Collection Development 
   Strongly suggested elective: LIS 606 Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Total: 28 credits

24 - 28 credits, depending upon program (most NYU courses are 4 credits each) 

About the Program

Academic librarians traditionally need two master’s degrees—a subject master’s and the MSLIS. Our dual degree with NYU offers this opportunity. Students apply to LIU’s Palmer School and NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Science or NYU’s Steinhardt School of Media, Culture, and Communication. Once admitted to both universities, students apply to be a part of this unique program that offers a mentorship under the direction of a subject specialist librarian here at NYU’s Bobst Library. The entire program is offered at Palmer’s NYU site in Bobst Library. Students take a total of 13 fewer credits in the dual degree program than if they took each master’s separately.

Dual Degree Admissions Requirements

Students interested in the Dual Degree Program at NYU and LIU apply separately for admission to each school. A student must be admitted to LIU’s Palmer School, NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) or NYU’s Steinhardt School’s programs in either Costume Studies or Media, Culture and Communication before they can be considered dual-degree students. Please consult the NYU website (www.nyu.edu) for admission requirements to the Graduate School of Arts and Science or the Steinhardt School. NYU departments have individual admissions applications deadlines. At the Palmer School we admit throughout the year. For admission requirements to the Palmer School’s M.S. in Library and Information Science degree program, visit the Graduate Programs section of the Palmer School Web site. There is a separate application for inclusion in the Dual Degree Program.

NYU’s GSAS program requirements can be found on the New York University Web site at gsas.nyu.edu/page/gradHome.

NYU’s Steinhardt School program requirements can be found on the New York University website at http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/programs/#search:masters.

Students are advised to speak with a Director of Graduate Study in the department where they plan to apply before they complete their NYU application.

The following admission requirements apply to all dual degree applicants:

  • Applicant must be accepted into both the Palmer School and a participating program at NYU (all GSAS programs with the exception of Linguistics; Steinhardt School’s programs in either Costume Studies or Media, Culture and Communication
  • Once admitted to BOTH universities, applicant should request the Dual Degree Program Intention to Enroll Application from the Palmer School Manhattan Director
  • Candidates admitted to the dual degree will meet with the head of the mentors at a mutually convenient time to determine mentor assignments

While students may take courses at any campus of the Palmer School, all NYU courses are taught in NYU’s Washington Square Campus in Manhattan. The Palmer School offers all courses for the Master of Science in Library and Information Science (M.S.L.I.S.) at our NYU Bobst Library location.

Students already enrolled in our M.S.L.I.S. program may apply for the Dual-Degree Program as long as they have completed no more than 6 credits by the time they enter the program. Students with more than 6 credits at NYU are still able to apply to the dual degree.

Dual degree program requirements can be found here: http://www.liu.edu/CWPost/Academics/Schools/CEIS/PSLIS/Graduate-Programs/Dual-Masters

Students are advised to speak with a Director of Graduate Study in the department where they plan to apply before they complete their GSAS application.

After completing 12 credits at NYU and after completing 12 credits at the Palmer School, students in the dual-degree program will:

*Transfer 8 credits from their NYU program to complete the dual-degree requirements for Palmer.

*Transfer 9 credits from their Palmer School program to complete the dual-degree requirements for NYU.

Students are responsible for applying for this transfer of credit and should do so once 12 credits are completed at either institution.


Dual Degree Program students must participate in a one-week intensive orientation to the program. This orientation is offered only at the start of the fall semester. For this reason, students may not be eligible for the Dual Degree Program if they have progressed in their Palmer or GSAS studies before applying for admission to the program. Students already enrolled in either the Palmer School or NYU should consult with an advisor from the dual degree program to be apprised of their eligibility.

*Please note* Because the School Library Media Specialist program has a minimum of 6 mandatory courses in addition to the core courses, it is not part of the Dual-Degree Program.

Mentorship/Internship Program

Students enrolled in the Dual Degree program participate in a unique mentorship program with NYU Libraries’ subject specialists. The focus for these mentors is the training of future librarians/subject specialists in academic and cultural institutions. Dual degree students are assigned an NYU librarian mentor at the start of their program based upon their interests and their NYU master’s degree curriculum. Mentors work with the student from the beginning until the end of the degree. Students enroll through Palmer in their first semester in LIS 785, 4 cr., the mentorship. Mentors and their assigned students develop an initial Learning Contract which is reviewed each semester.

The mentorship of 160 hours introduces dual degree students to the requirements of the field, offering the opportunity for hands-on experience within a theoretical framework. If the mentor and student feel it is appropriate, in addition to the time spent in the mentorship, dual degree students may participate in internships in many of the cultural and research organizations in the New York Metropolitan area. The center of this program is a series of required modules, which include Reference/Instruction, Collection Development, Digital Scholarship and Professional Development. The program provides the flexibility to customize the mentoring experience to the needs of the individual student. Past students have interned at the New York Public Library, the Museum of Modern Art, the Morgan Library, the New York Historical Society, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and IBM among many other organizations.

For students who aspire to work as an information officer or librarian in a specialized library or archive, in faculty research support, or as a library generalist, the dual degree internship track may be more appropriate than the standard mentorship.  

The Internship Track offers a series of internships totaling 160 hours over a period of two years. Students work with trained library professionals whose expertise reflect the students’ future career goals. These internships take place in specialized libraries or institutions in the New York Metropolitan area. Students meet periodically, as a group and individually, with the Dual Degree Program administrator and complete a Professional Development module.


What is the tuition for the dual-degree program?

There is no extra tuition for the program. New York University will charge tuition for their courses. Long Island University will charge tuition for all courses taken in the Palmer School.

Do I have to be a full time student?

No. You must meet all course requirements for the New York University Master’s program. Long Island University holds two summer sessions, a special winter session and a selection of short-term institutes or workshops that may be taken for credit.

Will I have an increased salary with two M.A. degrees?

Although no one can assure you of your first salary, in general, academic librarians with two Master’s degrees have more opportunities at higher salaries than M.S.L.I.S. students without subject expertise. In specific sectors of the information industry, a subject M.A. will offer a competitive edge to job seekers.

Location. Where can I work? When can I work?

Anywhere. Anytime. Libraries, research institutions and corporations are located all over the world. 24/7 hours exist in many organizations. Opportunities for foreign travel and job exchanges are possible.

How much time will I spend as a subject specialist? How much time as a librarian or information professional?

This depends on your interests and your job. You can choose a job where you will plan exhibits, create digital resources, instruct users, develop or market information products, select and organize research materials or manage information, all in your subject area.

Will the dual-degree program be worthwhile for jobs in other professions?

Yes. The skills from both Master’s degrees can be assets for jobs in publishing, research, sales, nonprofits and corporations. The increased digitization of information has created jobs at all levels. Both management and technical positions require information skills. Examples of some job titles are business analyst, online publishing executive, subject editor, association director, and communications coordinator.

Will I have access to Palmer School advice at New York University Washington Square?

Yes. Long Island University’s Palmer School in Manhattan is located on the 7th floor of New York University’s Bobst Library (Room 707). Our Dual Degree Program Administrator, Dr. Pauline Rothstein, is available for questions and advisement at 212-998-2516 or at pr16@nyu.edu.


College of Education, Information, and Technology
Dr. Albert Inserra, Dean