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Regent’s College

Regent’s College offers a full range of courses for students wishing to spend a summer, semester or a year abroad. Students live on a beautiful campus which is located in Regent’s Park, in the heart of London. Regent’s College attracts a diverse international student body and provides individualized and personal attention. Students are encouraged to explore London and to take advantage of opportunities to travel within the United Kingdom as well as throughout Europe.

Global College Program

Long Island University is the host institution for the acclaimed Global College, which has study centers in Costa Rica, China, India, Australia, Taiwan, Turkey and Thailand. Each regional program provides and extensive overview of the customs, history, politics, culture, ecology and economy of the area. Students take essential language courses and may choose from an array of courses including field work and independent studies.

Summer/Winter Sessions

Students and faculty have traveled to Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America during the Winter Session (end of December to mid-January) and Summer Sessions in June, July and August. Current programs include tropical reef dynamics in Fiji, tropical marine biology in Jamaica, dolphin social behavior in Costa Rica and tropical marine ecology in Australia.

Non-Affiliated Programs