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Student Team Projects

The Corrupted

The Corrupted is a first-person shooter developed in the Unity 3D engine by a team of eight graduate students from LIU Post. While it may seem like just another zombie shooter on the surface, you will quickly discover these are not your typical zombies, they are cyborg zombies. In this near-future world, cybernetic implants have become the norm. When a viral outbreak threatens to destroy all of mankind, the cybernetics didn't protect its hosts, it made them powerful. Every cybernetic implant is impervious to gunfire, making these zombies very difficult to take down - aiming for the head isn't the only requirement, you need to aim for the fleshy bit. As a member of an elite military squad, it is your job to investigate the laboratory where the viral outbreak was first reported and discover the cause and hopefully the cure. All is not as it seems.

Post Explorers

This game uses QR codes and an embedded narrative mystery to guide visitors around a the LIU Post campus. Players start at a central location and then log into the system. As they walk around campus, they scan codes, collect clues, solve puzzles and see the campus.

Conjunction Aliens

Grammar concepts can be difficult to teach to children. Instead of providing detailed explanations, it is often easier to reinforce grammatical concepts through repetition until proper grammar becomes intuitive. Conjunction Aliens is an educational Smart Board game that teachers can use during group lessons. Students interact with aliens that are named for and personify the conjunctions “and,” “or,” “so,” and “but” (such as the Or alien having one arm for choosing one item or another). Students complete mini-games together by taking turns. Conjunction Aliens is designed in Flash, so students can also play it on computers for additional individual practice.