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Typical Sequence of Courses

B.S. in Art Therapy (129 credits)

Students focus their interests in one or more of the studio arts in their junior year, and work with a faculty advisor in their senior year leading to a required B.F.A. exhibition of selected works.

The program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Art Therapy requires 19 credits in specific Art Therapy courses, 18 credits in Psychology and 42 credits in Art. Free electives should be chosen in consultation with an academic counselor. This curriculum, in combination with the LIU Post Core Requirements, creates a strong program that will meet all the requirements for application for graduate study in the field. In most cases a master’s degree is required to be considered an “Art Therapist”. Employment is available with an undergraduate degree in related areas to art therapy.

Freshman Year

Courses Credits
Art Foundation 15
Survey of World Art 59, 60 6
Digital Imaging 3
Introduction to Art Therapy 3
Psychology 1 3
English 1, 2 6
Freshman Seminar 1
Total 37

Sophomore Year

Courses Credits
Art Therapy Theories for the Handicapped 3
Clinical Methods 3
Ceramics 3
Sculpture 3
Drawing 3
Psychology 6
Core Requirements 12
Total 33

Junior Year

Courses Credits
Art Therapy Practicum I, II 6
Photography 3
Printmaking 3
Psychology 6
Core Requirements 6
Lab Science 8
Total 32

Senior Year

Courses Credits
Art Therapy Research Seminar I, II 6
Painting 3
Psychology 9
Fine Arts Core 3
Core Requirements 6
Total 27

Total credits: 129