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Student Testimonials

"The LIU Post IMA program opened up a new whole new world for me, a digital world with endless possibilities. The program provided me with the foundation to run in any direction I wished, from design to programming to video production and everything in between. Thanks to the latest social media boom, new job opportunities are popping up everywhere in this field and I just can't wait to see, experience and create the next hottest thing on the web!"

- Selina Nanoo - IMA, Class of 2006; Project Manager, Loewy Design

"I was on track to be a wedding photographer when I entered the IMA program. I now am the Social Media Specialist at North Shore-LIJ Health System. I also have my own LLC where I do freelance web design and development. Before becoming Social Media Specialist, I spent a year as a web designer here and can proudly say every pixel on has come off of my laptop."

- Hillel Dlugacz, IMA, Class of 2008; Social Media Specialist, North Shore-LIJ Health Systems, Office of Public Relations