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Facilities and Resources

The Interactive Multimedia Arts Program, located in Humanities Hall, provides the LIU Post community with a powerful and capable design facility. The Interactive Multimedia Arts Labs provide graduate students the opportunity to create professional-level computer-generated work. Our facility features 65 networked computers and additional Windows based stations, all networked with Web access at every station, within 6 comfortable and spacious rooms. Students have available flatbed scanners (which scan 2D or 3D images,) or image-capture from b&w/color video or directly from digital video. In addition, a laser printer, capable of 11" by 17" printing, is available to students in the lab. In each of the facility's rooms, there are screens utilizing a projection system, which provides easy viewing for demonstrations.

Our New Media Television studio is located conveniently across the hall from the Computer Labs. The TV studio features a spacious studio area and control room, giving Interactive Multimedia Art majors the opportunity to incorporate top-notch video and audio into their multimedia projects. These professional video production facilities include: DV Cam players, Ikegami cameras, an advanced lighting board, hard and soft cycloramas, teleprompter, chroma-keyer, Sony switcher and audio mixer. Our video editing facilities include: 3 offline editing bays, two advanced online editing suites with a digital video effects generator and two full labs of non-linear computer editing bays. Also, students have access to field production equipment such as DV camcorders, tripods, microphones and lighting. New additions include a Web server, two slide scanners, 12 digital cameras, and access to a dedicated server which allows students to store large files while working in the lab, as well as providing a transport device to take their work home. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, students are able to create high resolution, superior quality computer-generated images on their screens, and, output their work to hard copy, all within a totally professional working atmosphere.