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Plan of Study

Baccalaureate students receive an American Dietetic Association (ADA) Verification Statement upon graduation, and thus meet the qualifications for entry to a Dietetic Internship. These requirements will continue to be met in the accelerated B.S./M.S. program, as indicated by the following list of courses and substitutions.

Undergraduate Degree* B.S./M.S. Substitutions
BIO 7 Human Anatomy and Physiology I -
BIO 8 Human Anatomy and Physiology II -
CHM 3 Principles of Chemistry I -
CHM 4 Principles of Chemistry II -
CHM 25 Basic Organic Chemistry -
CHM 71 Basic Biochemistry -
BMS 90 Microbiology in Health Science -
MTH 19 Basic Statistics; or MTH 41 Biostatics; or ECO 72 Statistics NTR 540 or BMS 540 Biomedical Statistics**
MAN 11 Principles of Management -
NTR 100 Concepts in Nutrition -
NTR 101 Contemporary Nutrition Strategies -
NTR 16 Cultural and Social Aspects of Food
and NTR 16L Cultural and Social Aspects of Food Laboratory
NTR 21 Introductory Food Science and NTR 21 L Introductory Food Science Laboratory -
NTR 23 Institutional Food Service Management I -
NTR 24 Institutional Food Service Management II -
NTR 200 Advanced Concepts in Nutrition NTR 609 Advanced Nutrition I and NTR 610 Advanced Nutrition II
NTR 202 Research Methodology -
NTR 206 Nutrition Communication NTR 606 Communication and Education Skills in Nutrition
NTR 210 Community and Professional Nutrition Issues -
NTR 211 Medical Nutrition Therapy I -
NTR 212 Medical Nutrition Therapy I and NTR 212L Medical Nutrition Therapy Laboratory -
NTR 215 Energy and Exercise -
NTR 221 Food Technology Trends -

*Plus core courses to meet BS Plan of Study.
**Another graduate course may be substituted with approval.

Upon completion of these courses, B.S./M.S. students will also receive an American Dietetic Association (ADA) Verification Statement for entry to a Dietetic Internship (DI).